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"Imagination is everything."


Me in my

H A P P Y 


I found my calling

We bought tickets and a plane ticket to get here and go back to where we are – Croatia – on tour. We’ve come over for this on a much-needed day off. Some of us [in the band] are fans – and some of us are about to be.

Theresa on Warpaint attending Kate Bush’s gig last night

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humans are kinda cute we pass stories down generations to instill a sense of wonder in people we’ll never know and we have little bells on our houses to tell each other that we’ve arrived and we shiver when we get cold and we have an endless amount of curiosity and if the night sky is clear our first instinct is to look up at the stars and think about going on big adventures

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Satire based on reality

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Geroldsee, Germany (by Michael Breitung)

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I am walking
A fine line
Between selfishness
And self-preservation.

It’s not very often you find a gem like this picture-taking animal-lovin’ figure-skating Viking with an astronomical heart.

His sacrifices for the local music scene, immeasurable. He will drink many teh-si-pengs. He will be there when you need him to. He will not sleep till world domination.

Follow this legendary Rockstar and he will follow you back (everywhere you go…)

"Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth." #jeanpaulsartre #existentialism #freefalling

Sick body art by @lovage #mandala #hieroglyphics #geometry (at 100 Bands Festival)