Dreams. Positivity. Execution.

"Imagination is everything."
I am walking
A fine line
Between selfishness
And self-preservation.

It’s not very often you find a gem like this picture-taking animal-lovin’ figure-skating Viking with an astronomical heart.

His sacrifices for the local music scene, immeasurable. He will drink many teh-si-pengs. He will be there when you need him to. He will not sleep till world domination.

Follow this legendary Rockstar and he will follow you back (everywhere you go…)

"Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth." #jeanpaulsartre #existentialism #freefalling

Sick body art by @lovage #mandala #hieroglyphics #geometry (at 100 Bands Festival)


Marianne Patourel: These figures prove that at the present cost of operation, a steamboat will eat up all its profits
Octavius Patourel: I still say, it’s most unseemly for a young woman to know so much about the shipping business.
Marianne Patourel: Oh, Papa, you’ll be using steamships in eight or ten years. But, by that time, you’ll be retired and I’ll be running the business.
Octavius Patourel: By that time, you’ll be married to some smart young fellow who will carry on in my place.
Marianne Patourel: If I ever marry, it won’t be because the groom is a good businessman.
Octavius Patourel: Marianne, my dear, sometimes you shock me.
Marianne Patourel: Of course I do. I’m bold and scheming and sometimes I think I’m not quite nice.

Movie Quote of the Day – Green Dolphin Street, 1947 (dir. Victor Saville) | the diary of a film history fanatic


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Botnsvatn/Lupines, 2011 | by Kristina Petrosiute

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Karl Friedrich Schinkel, set designs for Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute); The Hall of Stars in the Palace of the Queen of the Night [Königin der Nacht]; Entwurfzeichnung zum Bühnenbild, Berlin, c. 1816.

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Take me through the clouds

ooooh jealous

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Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.